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Back in the day of my wife,s '66 Mustang I can remember the first time It cost me $20.00 to fill the gas tank. It was not for the Mustang but rather for our new $3,000.00 Truck and it had 2 gas tanks totalling 60 gallons.

We had just purchased it, Brand New, and had to fill it up before we got to enjoy it. It was a 3/4 ton Camper Special with a big engine (390 cu. in.) and all the goodies you could get.

It got 12 mpg and I was not happy with that. So I modified the heads and valves and got it up to 18.mpg.
Now were cooking.


You take your new $35,000.00 Camper Special and fill it up. $200.00 and it runs on regular

It gets 12 mpg

Is there something wrong with this picture?


You read your issue of "Energy News" and learn how to get that Mileage up to over 20 mpg

You learn the tips and tricks of getting good mileage

You add an oxy-hydrogen generator for less than the cost of a fill up

You now get over 20 mpg.

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You will be able to build your own oxy-hydrogen generator and install it in your car or truck and get that good gas mileage.

Now when you fill up you will sometimes need to add water to your oxy-hydrogen generator but you will be adding less gas and going the same distance.