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You can control the cost of energy
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Solar energy or photovoltaics is the wave of the future.
Careers in photovoltaics are becoming too numerous to even list here but the key is to learn how solar energy works and then decide if you are interested in this exciting venue for your future.

In 1988 we decided to put solar power on our sailboat to do nothing but keep the batteries up while we used the wind to propel the boat. It was the smartest move we could have made.

We never had to start the engine just to charge the batteries and we ran our refrigeration off of the batteries as well as all lighting and water pumps, both fresh water and bilge pumps.

That was 20 years ago. Today you can power your house and all electrical needs with solar energy and for the future you can make hydrogen from solar energy and water to power your entire life, your car, your home, and everything that can and will be run on electricity.

Would you like a career in the exciting field of photovoltaics?

You will be able to save a lot of money if you wish to use solar panels for all your electric needs.