Senior Citizens

One-third of people over 65 are injured due to falls.

Original SANDDUNE™ ‘s part in Fall Prevention is in its ability to strengthen the body’s Core Muscles which are weak in many people, especially older people who become sedentary through illness, lack of exercise or injury.

  • People facing struggles with challenges like diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, recovering from stroke and hip or knee replacements benefit from utilizing the SANDDUNE™ because of its gentle resistance factors making physical exercise and rehabilitation sessions a more beneficial and encouraging experience. 
June 11 Class

Balance Class — Heel Peel and Sink


Balance Class – Toes, Sink and Walk    

The predictability of SANDDUNE™’s mild resistance factors:

←View connection process as it is being taught in the balance class videos.→

  • Comforts your neuromuscular system because it is supportive and guiding.
  • Encourages additional muscular involvement stimulating the body’s muscles of the core and lower body to first connect.
  • Develops a stronger functioning connection resulting in strength, tone and flexibility for these groups of muscles overall.  
  • An effective resource for high functioning seniors who are physically fit looking for a way to improve and maintain their core and lower body strength without the effects of exercises that are jarring to bones, joint or lower back. 
Aerobic Blding Tnail

Aerobic Building Block in Balance Class

  • SANDDUNE is especially effective for those who are recovering from surgery and/or illness and returning home soon. It serves as a great compliment to other therapies aimed at maintaining overall strength and stability.
  • For patients just beginning to move again, the SANDDUNE™ is easily placed at bedside or in front of a stable chair. Applying gentle pressure into the pads is a safe and effective way to begin the road to begin walking again making it less painful and objectionable. 
  • The key is it gently forces you to focus, become more mindful of your body’s movement on the apparatus and not on your physical challenge.
  • Consistent use helps restore the confidence to lift your feet when walking instead of shuffling and stumbling.

If you avoid physical activity because you are afraid it will make a fall more likely, tell your doctor. He or she may recommend a carefully monitored exercise program or refer you to a physical therapist. The physical therapist can create a custom program aimed at  improving your balance, flexibility, muscle strength and gait.” MAYO CLINIC

Jack & Weights & Dune

5 minute video of Jack and his wife’s observations of 10 Weeks on the SANDDUNE.

To demonstrate the rehabilitative capabilities of the SANDDUNE, watch a Parkinson’s patient who has utilized the SANDDUNE™  over the course of 10 weeks, recounts his experience.

  • Read, download and share with your provider & family, the White Paper Abstract by Dr. Keith Kleven, founder of the Kleven Institute of Las Vegas, Nevada & his views of the rehabilitative properties of the SANDDUNE™ in treating pathologies of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back as it applies to dancers and athletes. His views are also easily applied to people dealing with gait and balance issues, lower body injury or poor general overall fitness leading to the inability to walk successfully without fear of falling.

 Complete 11 page White Paper by Dr. Keith Kleven – The Use of The SANDDUNE

Neuropathy, Toes and Original SANDDUNE™

Neuropathy, Toes and Original SANDDUNE™ workout results!

  • Commitment of 15 minutes twice a day is suggested, working both uphill level and downhill level to begin rebuilding, strengthening and aligning  your body. If 3 minutes twice a day is what you are able to do, then start there.
  • Commitment to the effort counts. If someone you know suffers from balance and strength issues, forward this to them so they can discover an effective solution to their challenge. 

” Interventions that work to minimize fall risk include: Regular exercise focusing on strength, balance and gait. Physical activity can go a long way toward fall prevention. With your doctor’s OK, consider activities like walking, water workouts or tai chi – a gentle exercise that involves slow and graceful dance-like movements (involving joint and limb positioning, controlled movements and weight transfer of both double and single leg stances in definite directions). Such activities reduce the risk of falls by improving strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.” ~ MAYO CLINIC. 


Perform these exercises at your own risk.

Take all safety precautions for a safe workout with any exercise apparatus or program.