Firemen use it

The number one problem firemen have is "Heart attack". What can they do to help prevent this? Exercise! But not the usual exercises that athletes use. They should use an exercise that is not going to damage their joints and muscles. One that builds these muscles without damaging the knees and hips.
building stamina, muscle strength, core strength, cardio fitness and flexibility are all important components of your firefighter workout. Because firefighters die more often from heart attack than smoke inhalation or other fire-related occurrences, cardiovascular fitness should be a major portion of a good firefighter workout.
This is a problem that needs to be addressed . A possible cause for this high number of sudden cardiac deaths is the large number of volunteers. These are not “professional” firefighters, so they do not receive the training and physical preparation that a paid firefighter does. When they run into a high stress situation with forty or more pounds of equipment and little physical preparation for this, it is no wonder that their heart gives o ut. A lack of knowledge of this topic may also be to blame. Even paid firefighters are rarely required to pass physical tests or perform physical training. With such a stressful duty, it is easy to overlook one’s own health as a priority and get in the habit of an unhealthy lifestyle. These emergency workers fill a very important role in society and we need them to provide a very valuable service to the peopl e of this country, therefore it is important that they take care of themselves so when a tragedy hits they are able to focus on their victims and do not become a victim themselves.


The SANDDUNE exerciser is perfact for this.