Thank You for taking a look at the SANDDUNE. Our hope is you will see the value in using this very low impact, core intensive, training device. We are counting on you being in good shape and having a good imagination. That should give the SANDDUNE a good test.

This device looks rather benign, yet once you feel its mirror resistance properties you'll realize the SANDDUNE can serve to benefit anyone in recovery from core down, to a marathon level athlete. No other piece of equipment is so multi-dimensional. It's a shoes off device. It's portable, and great for home use. It's core intensive,It's balance training,unmatched by anything I've seen.It's strength training. It's cardio training. The SANDDUNE has a 0% injury occurance history. The SANDDUNE will never break and it's made to last, in the USA (Orange County California) It comes with a washable anti bacterial cover.

The Original SANDDUNE | Building strength, balance, coordination and flexibility


Our video is a testimonial of a Parkinson's patient's experience with the SANDDUNE.


Jack and his wife offer their observations on his progress with the SANDDUNE over the course of 10 weeks.  As Jack’s strength grew his capacity and physical strength grew, and the amount of time he was able to exercise increased. Results will vary with each individual.

If you know anyone who is experencing Parkinson's disease, Vertigo or MS, please share this with them as well as your doctor and local senior centers.

Children, Athletes & Seniors

Orthopaedic and neurological patients of all ages, as well as dancers, golfers, cyclists and athletes from other sports, benefit from workouts on the SANDDUNE®.


Workouts vary in intensity from simple padding of the foot pads for beginners to gentle warm-ups involving  stretching and select yoga/Pilates movements for those with good balance, to aerobic/anaerobic “peak out exercise” sessions for those looking to really add to their workout conditioning regimen.

This uniquely designed device is being used  in offices, gyms, clinics, nursing and or assisted living facilities and at home for rehabilitation exercise and conditioning.

SANDDUNE's gentle resistance factors comforts your neuromuscular system, as it perceives a safe environment, an environment that is supportive, guiding, and cushioning in nature.  

Therapeutic Benefits

SANDDUNE® stimulates muscular involvement and helps the body’s core muscles to develop and strengthen. The leg muscles and feet gain in tone and strength as well. People with MS, Parkinson’s and vertigo may benefit because of its gentle resistance factors, making physical rehabilitation sessions a more beneficial and encouraging experience.


The true test of any exerciser is its ability to safely affect muscle fiber. The SANDDUNE® is a cost effective, low impact, cardiovascular exerciser developed to increase balance, strength, coordination and flexibility.


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When beginning any diet or exercise program, it is important to consult your health care professional. Exercise according to your fitness level and capabilities. Individual results may vary. Working with your doctor to create a personalized program is optimal. If you have any questions, please seek the guidance of a health, fitness, or wellness professional.

FREE Report

We invite you to click on the link below and read the abstract by Dr. Keith Kleven, founder of the Kleven Institute of Las Vegas, Nevada, on his views of the rehabilitative properties of the SANDDUNE™ in treating pathologies of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. Although it speaks directly to dancers and athletes, the premise is applicable to people dealing with gait and balance issues, suffering from lower body injury and poor general overall fitness, leading to, the inability to walk successfully without fear of falling.

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