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Some of the following questions or statements are presented to us almost daily. If yours is in the list or even if it is not you can get a broader description of what Digestive Enzymes do, both to and for the body by going to and reading about them and the comparisons that you will find there.

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These are more specific but still are answered at


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Webster's dictionary says indigestion is an inability to digest or difficulty to digest food. Simple symptoms such as heartburn, belching, gas or an upset stomach should tell us: our body is having a problem and the problem is usually a lack of enzymes. Most people don't know, indigestion can be a sign of an enzyme deficiency. This very special digestive enzyme product can help prevent heartburn, gas and acid indigestion and make your life a lot more comfortable. And these enzymes can help you regain the vitality you thought was lost.

Stomach acid

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In today's world it's nearly impossible to eat all raw foods and many foods should not be eaten raw, because of possible bacteria contamination... but, it's very easy to take a special digestive enzyme supplement on an empty stomach and every time you eat. The digestive enzyme formulation I am talking about is by far the best on the market and has proven time after time in the oatmeal test and under the dark field microscope. Here are some of the reasons why this formulation is so effective: It has high enzymatic activity and high enzymatic diversity. It includes eight different natural plant-based enzymes that are active in a ph range from 2 to 12 and it also has a very special mineral formulation within it that has 70 ionic form minerals. High enzymatic diversity indicates a formulation can complete the digestive job it is asked to do. This formulation includes the following eight enzymes: protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, sucrase, maltase, lactase and bromelain. The reason all of these enzymes are needed is to make sure anything you eat can be fully broken down and digested. Protease digests proteins and reduces inflamation. Amylase digest carbohydrates. Lipase digests fats. Cellulase digests fiber. Sucrase digests sugars. Maltase digests disaccarides into monosaccarides. Lactase digests lactose or milk and dairy products... and bromelain digests proteins and reduces inflamation. Every possible food group is covered with this special formulation. Diversity also includes the type of enzymes used. All digestive enzymes come from two living sources: plants or animals. Enzymes from animals like trypsin, pepsin and pancreatin work in a very narrow ph range and work to a limited degree in the stomach and small intestines, but, don't do anything for pre-digestion. When the ph is too high, they are inactive. Papaya produces an enzyme called papain. This enzyme work best in temperatures considerably higher than the body.


No matter which way you look at it the reason that you are here is because you have some sort of a problem and you are questioning whether or not a lack of digestive enzyme may help you correct this problem. The answer in most cases is YES and with our money back guarantee if it is not at least part of your solution then you are out nothing except time and you have gained knowledge..

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The health nuts are a group of individuals that believe that a healthy body is not derived from drugs and MD prescribed medications but rather from nutrition that comes from the earth.